Testi e materiali delle prove di ammissione degli anni accademici precedenti

Testi, materiali multimediali, informazioni e consigli per prepararsi alle prove di ammissione ai nostri corsi di studio

Laurea Magistrale in Traduzione Specializzata

N.B. The materials here below are entrance exams’ texts samples related to the MA Degree before it was transformed in an International MA Programme. The current entry exam (sample texts are available here) is now considerably different:

  • Applicants will be asked to produce only one translation into/from Italian and their language of choice.
  • The translation into/from the English language is no more required.
  • The Chinese language was activated as a language of choice, only in a.y 2016/2017, therefore there are no sample tests for Chinese before this date.
(For the specific contents of the exam, please refer to the entrance exam call for application).

Please use the sample texts to practice, bearing in mind all the above mentioned information.

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